Aussies have started voting for same-sex marriage and it’s beautiful

Aussies have started voting for same-sex marriage and it's beautiful

One Twitter user shared a photo of himself posting back his yes vote

The first ballots in Australia’s postal survey have arrived and people have been sharing photos of themselves posting back their ‘yes’ votes across social media.

Australia is holding a non-binding postal survey on marriage equality. Since Tuesday, the 16 million eligible voters will start receiving their ballots in the mail. They have to answer yes or no to the question: ‘should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?’

They then have to insert the ballot into a reply paid envelope and then put it in a post box.

Send it back ASAP

The Yes Campaign has been reminding people to make sure they post their ballot the same day they receive it in the mail.

Studies have shown that in postal surveys conducted in the United States, people who did not return their ballot within 24 hours or receiving it were likely to never return it at all.

‘Any time wasted on arguing with a hard-core opponent will cost us votes. Every minute spent urging a supporter to return their form delivers us much needed YES votes,’ wrote Equality Campaign chair and Sydney MP, Alex Greenwich.

So, Aussies make sure you get those ballots back immediately.

And don’t f**k it up!

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is running the postal survey and just released guidlines to make sure your vote is valid. They include:

  • Marking only one box.
  • Not making any other markings to the paper, including crossing out the term ‘same-sex marriage’ to change it to marriage equality.
  • Putting anything other than the ballot paper in the reply paid envelope. Some people wanted to post glitter back with their vote. While it’s tempting Australia, don’t do it.
  • If you accidentally mark the wrong box, you can cross it out and mark the correct one. Just make sure you also write ‘yes’ or ‘no’ according to how you want to vote. But please vote ‘yes’.
  • The barcode must not be altered or missing.
  • And don’t post a full photo of your postal survey form. Showing your unique barcode could lead to voter fraud.

Remember if you lost your ballot or make a mistake you can request a new one from the ABS.


As the first lot of ballots arrive people are posting – pun intended – photos of themselves returning their yes votes.












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