COMING OUT STORIES LGBTQ ????️‍???? w/ Dia and Jewell & Carpool and lip sing battle ???? ????

Hello babies !
First I would like to start off by saying thank you so much for your love and support. We have literally been in such amazement with people reaching out to us and just showing there love for our love.. please don’t forget to like, comment, share and subscribe !

Next and more importantly..
being apart of the LGBTQ community can sometimes feel like “damn can I ever just be accepted” most of have been in that space in our lives. But don’t ever let that influence your heart. We believe we are who we are and we are going to love whom we feel the need to love.. coming out can be so nerve wrecking so many different emotions, from scared to sad. We are here to tell you IT WILL BE OK… below are several different LGBTQ organizations that are here to support us.. from youth to old and grey.. and if you need something a little bit more personal we are here with our social media below. If you need an ear to just listen or a shoulder to cry on please don’t hesitate to reach out to either of us.. lastly always remember positive energy comes a long way, keep the negative things out of your life ! ????️‍???????? thanks again and please stay great.

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