‘I want Madonna to kiss me and tell me I’m a piece of sh*t’

Lady Gaga: 'I want Madonna to kiss me and tell me I'm a piece of sh*t'

Lady Gaga (right) with Madonna and Katy Perry.

Ever since Born This Way was considered ‘reductive’ of Express Yourself, Lady Gaga has had to fend off comparisons with the Queen of Pop.

And while recent photos between the two appeared to show the stars have cleared the air, it’s happening again.

Gaga’s new critically acclaimed Netflix documentary Five Foot Two is being referenced by critics in the same breath as one of the most successful documentaries of all time – Madonna’s 1991 film Truth or Dare.

Screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, the film follows Gaga during the creation of her most recent album Joanne.

She is also seen prepping for her Super Bowl halftime show appearance last February.

In between writing songs and dealing with chronic pain from a hip injury, Gaga also discusses Madonna’s ‘reductive’ shade towards her.

Gaga: ‘The only thing that really bothers me about Madonna…’

On a smoke break between recording, Gaga says: ‘The only thing that really bothers me about Madonna is that I’m Italian and from New York, and if I have a problem with you, I say it to your face […] I don’t pass notes in school.’

Comparing Madonna to the boy in school who passes a note instead of making a move, Gaga adds: ‘I want Madonna to push me up against the wall and kiss me and tell me I’m a piece of shit.’

However, Gaga also said she ‘admires [Madonna] always’.

Gaga: Five Foot Two premieres on Netflix on 22 September.

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