Lady Gaga VENUS Inspired Wig Styling Tutorial (How To Pin Curl & Stack Wigs)

Today’s video is a wig styling tutorial for Lady Gaga’s huge wavy modern Aphrodite hair as seen in her VMA’s performance, Applause music video, and her ArtRave tour! A lot of you requested this video, I hope you liked it! Let me know what I should do next!

In this video I’ll be covering how to curl wigs without rollers but just using your fingers, some tissue and a pin needle, as well as how to tease and stack wigs together. It didn’t really turn out perfectly because the wigs I used were too different but hopefully you guys got a good sense of the technique behind it!

Wigs used:
18" / 24" / 28" Long Wavy Black Mixed Blonde Lace Front Synthetic Hair Wig LF697

This is an artpop inspired makeup tutorial from 3 years ago when I went to see lady gaga for the first time :’) Personally I can’t watch my old videos for more than 10 seconds without gagging from cringe lol so watch at your own risk!

Music cred:
“Moldy Lotion” by Light foot
“Almost Original (Instrumental)” by Joakim Karud



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  1. Definitely one of my favourite youtubers! Loved the make up for this look too. Would love to see you do a wig where it's like flat/straight towards the root and then super tight curls/teased towards the bottom if that makes sense? Also some more get to know me style stuff! X

  2. Lol was the guy you learned it from Australian? Chux are disposable (you use one for like a week then use a new one- they're cheap as so it's not expensive) dishcloths we use for like everything to do with cleaning. They're great. Didn't know you don't have them there ???? what do you wash your dishes with?

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