Shenanigans in the Middle East | Tyler Oakley

had so much fun meeting so many wonderful people in the middle east back in april. what an incredible adventure – thank you to the people of tel aviv & jerusalem for letting me eat all of your food!!

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28 Replies to “Shenanigans in the Middle East | Tyler Oakley”

  1. Below are just some basic facts about the middle-east which you probably aren't being taught at school because it goes against being a blind follower. NOT ALL CULTURES ARE AS GOOD AS EACHOTHER. How can anyone claim to be for homosexual's rights when they respect the middle-eastern culture? Middle-eastern culture is brutal on women, homosexuals and children. Although, Israel is a middle-eastern country it's still very different (in terms of culture and tolerance) to its neighbours. So different, that many of its neighbours actually refuse to allow in Israelis. Contrastingly to other middle-eastern nations, Isreal is 75% Jewish, 18% Muslim and 2% Christian. So, I'm sure some people many think this video is an eye-opener to what the middle-east is really like but I can tell you for sure: that's wrong. Most middle-eastern countries criminalise homosexuality, some rare cases of ones who don't are Iraq, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey (if you count them as middle-eastern) and of course, Israel who developed a tolerance for homosexuals in the 60s.

  2. Okay, so BELGIUM is a country you can visit 😉 be sure to visit Brussels and Bruges, because Brussels is the capital and is gorgeous and Bruges is beautiful and looks like you're in the middle ages with a modern touch! When you're here you can eat Vlaamse 'friet' (we don't call it that here) 'cause it's fróm here, so you'll find the best fries right here.
    Love you, have a wonderful day, week, life <3

  3. listen, my man, im gonna need u to come to grand island nebraska bc i will not be able to meet u and ur amazing personality unless u do pls and thank u love u

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