This handsome animal rescuer has the most ‘pawesome’ Instagram account

This handsome animal rescuer has the most 'pawesome' Instagram account

pawesomedoctor | Instagram

Dr Oisín Tracey and his cat, Oliver

An emergency veterinary based in Perth, Australia, is building a huge following on Instagram.

It may be partly due to the fact that he likes to post photos of himself with many of the animals he rescues. Of course, the fact he’s a handsome fella himself has also earned him some complimentary comments!

With an Australian Hobby Falcon

With an Australian Hobby Falcon

Dr Oisín Tracey (‘everyone just calls me Osh’) originally heralds from Ireland.

Born in Galway, and raised in Dublin, the 29-year-old moved to Perth in Australia last year. He’s working as an emergency and critical care vet.

With a quokka

With a quokka

Currently single, he tells GSN, ‘I identify as gay, but I consider myself on the spectrum as I’ve dated and had meaningful relationships with women before too.’

Despite his love for animals, he says that being a vet wasn’t his first choice.

‘I actually went to art college straight out of school. I quickly realized that it wasn’t for me though. It was too subjective. I like knowing that an answer is right or wrong.

‘So back to the drawing board – no pun intended – I realized I always loved art, animals and science so when I decided to leave art, I put animals and science together and came up with veterinary!’

Dr Tracey enjoys appreciative clients!

Dr Tracey enjoys appreciative clients!

Asked about the most rewarding aspect of his job, he doesn’t hesitate to answer.

‘The kisses! I remember while I was training, our family vet use to joke that veterinary is the only profession that it is not considered impolite to get kisses from your patient/client.

‘It’s so true though, when you get a happy puppy in that just wants to lick your face or a cute cat that just wants to cuddle, it brightens your day.’

Asked about some of the challenging situations he’s been involved in, he says there are too many for him to choose one.

‘One that springs to mind is when a Peregrine Falcon was brought into work. They don’t teach you how to dodge their talons and beak in school! I had to reference a few text books on what to do. We provided it with supportive care overnight and I transported it to Perth Zoo the next day where I knew it would get the best care from the experts.

‘It was after that I started volunteering with Native Animal Rescue, working with local wildlife because I wanted to learn more and help.’

Dr Tracey is a supporter of marriage equality

Dr Tracey is a supporter of marriage equality

‘Too many times I have seen families say goodbye to beloved pets because they could not afford surgery’

Given all of his encounters with ill pets or animals in distress, he doesn’t hesitate when asked if there’s anything about the way humans treat animals that particularly frustrates or angers him.

‘Pet insurance!’, he says. ‘So many people think it’s a scam or a waste of money but it really is not.

Dr Tracey and ‘blood donor superhero’, Bruno

‘If you have a pet, you should also budget for medical pet insurance just like you do for their food or other maintenance.

‘I am a qualified vet and I provide the vast majority of medical care to my own pet at next to nothing. Yet I still have premium pet insurance. If my Oliver [his recently acquired ginger cat] needs life long medications like insulin or heart tablets or advanced specialist surgery or an MRI, he will get it and money will not be a deciding factor.

Dr Tracey’s folks recently came to visit him in Australia

‘Pet Insurance is the best money you’ll ever spend but hope that you will never use. Too many times I have seen families say goodbye to their beloved pets because they could not afford surgery or a couple of days in hospital for very treatable conditions. It breaks my heart every time.’

Follow Tracey on Instagram at @pawesomedoctor

Too much cuteness!

Too much cuteness!

When not rescuing animals, Dr Tracey likes to relax at the gym

'I don't remember ordering a Cattuccino!?!'

‘I don’t remember ordering a Cattuccino!?!’


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