Vast majority of young girls have ‘no idea’ lesbian sex can lead to STIs

Vast majority of young girls have 'no idea' lesbian sex can lead to STIs

Teens don’t know lesbians can get STIs (Credit: Netflix)

Sex education is failing gay and bi women, with many believing lesbian sex cannot lead to STIs.

Because the most education young people get is about heterosexual sex, researchers say it should be no surprise many are ignorant about possible risk.

Girls aged 14 to 18 across the US, many had no idea how to practice safe lesbian sex.

Young gay and bi girls have ‘no idea’ lesbian sex can lead to STIs

‘I’ve never thought of the transfer of STDs between girls,’ one 15-year-old girl, who self-identified as queer, said.

‘I’ve never been taught between STDs between females on females.’

An 18-year-old said: ‘No one I know has any idea about how to have safe lesbian sex.

‘I looked to the internet when I first started having sex and I didn’t see anything about using protection if you’re a lesbian.’

STIs are on the rise among queer teens

According to the study, STIs is on the rise among queer-identifying teen girls. Diseases like HPV can be transmitted by the use of sex toys, fluids and skin-to-skin contact.

HPV can lead to cervical cancer.

Many of the respondents said they felt putting on a dental dam would ‘ruin the mood’, while others thought it would reduce sensation.

Others had no idea where to buy dental dams.

Dental dams will change the oral and rimming you are having forever

However, some said they were planning on using them in the future.

Researchers call on sex education to be inclusive of sexual minorities

‘What surprised us was their overall lack of knowledge when it came to safe sex practices with female partners,”’UBC youth health researcher Jennifer Wolowic said.

‘When we asked why, many told us they didn’t find their sex ed programs—if they even had one—to be very informative. And even when they asked questions, the focus on heterosexual sex made them feel uncomfortable.’

The researchers have called on sex education to be inclusive of sexual minorities.

‘Young people need accurate sexual health information, but sex education has traditionally focused on heterosexual sex,’ said Saewyc.

‘Our findings suggest we need to create more inclusive curriculum to help lesbian and bisexual girls have the knowledge they need to make healthy sexual decisions.’

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